You Made the Move

Congratulations on taking a step towards your property investment journey. Making the right move today can make a big impact to your financial future. We’re so proud of you & we celebrate this meaningful milestone together.

Billionaire Voice

Entered at pre-launch prices, securing value capital appreciation before the price increase.

Investing into Manchester, one of the best cities to live in the world, by TimeOut. Proven track record of quality built by developer.

The occupancy rate in Manchester is 98.7%, with a high rental projection of 6+% rental yield.

Our Mission: Transforming Families Through Financial Literacy

The Artist Behind
Mr Crestbrick

Marcus Chow is a local artist, watch collector, bearbricks collector & design sculptor.

Beyond his creative pursuits, Marcus firmly believes in the transformative power of good investments.

His conviction stems from personal experience; despite initially considering an Executive Maisonette or a New Launch, he used Price Gap Analysis & invested in a 4-bedroom resale property instead.

This decision proved to be one of his best choices in his portfolio, leading him to significant capital gains of $600,000 within just three years. Had he invested in a new launch condo, he would have only made $100,000.

The right move can change a family’s trajectory for the better.

Going to work, hustling & surviving. But now, you don’t have to just work for money, you can make the most informed decision for your future & let money work hard for you.
Many people were skeptical of their journey & faced self-doubt & fear. And it’s okay to feel emotion, but educate ourselves through knowledge to gain clarity.
A representation of building your portfolio & living in your dream house.
Building your wealth for you & your family & growing your pot of gold.

A Quest on Financial Literacy If You’re Ready


Build your first pot of gold for a comfortable retirement. Learn how to expedite your journey just like how I grew from a $447k hdb to 15 properties


Own multiple properties with just a single down payment. Explore how affluent individuals leverage this method to expand their property portfolio and how you do it too


Generate cash flow income to pay for the lifestyle you deserve. Embrace the opportunity to fund your adventures and provide a fulfilling lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones using different property types

Property Stacking Workshop

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