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$1.3m business loss proves priceless for property couple

Losing their first venture taught husband-and-wife team the value of diverse income streams

Women Entrepreneur Awards (WEA) holds its 4th edition with 17 winners

The award ceremony held its first event since the pandemic and included a special Phoenix award.

BT Money Hacks: Portfolio in 2024 should still include property (Ep 157)

Is there still a place in your portfolio for real estate and property investments? Can real estate investing still help you build wealth in 2024 Howie Lim gets insights from Paul Tostevin and Alan Cheong from Savills, Lee Nai JIa from PropertyGuru Group and Benny Ong from I Quadrant.

Money and Me: $250 million in gains over 5 years with Singapore property

Michelle Martin finds out what information I Quadrant - a Property investing community -members have access to. She also learns how the power of community is being harnessed for real property deals with Benny Ong, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, I Quadrant.

Culture Club: Painful experience of losing everything, becoming an advocate for financial literacy

Do we need to be scammed for us to learn to be smarter with our money? Investment scams continue to haunt Singapore, costing its citizens hundreds of millions. And surprisingly, 53 percent of scammed victims are actually young adults aged between 20 and 39 years old. A single ill-fated investment upheaved our next guest’s life. Germaine Chow, Founder, I Quadrant shares her experience and why she chose to be an advocate for financial literacy.

Money Talks - Getting rid of toxic financial habits

Some people develop bad spending habits due to stress, while others learn them in childhood. How do we recognise these behaviours and more importantly, how do we get rid of them? Benny Ong of investment advisory community
I Quadrant shares his experience.

How Crestbrick is Transforming the Process of Buying and Selling Properties

When Germaine Chow, CEO of Crestbrick, was in the UK property hunting with her husband Shawn Lee as well as her friends Benny Ong and Ivan Cai, they were vexed at how the majority of the agents they met were more interested in closing the deal rather than selling a home.

'I should have just spent the money': Ex-SIA stewardess opens up about losing $12k savings to investment scam.