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为什么, 你钱always不够用?

“It’s not like you don’t work hard enough, You fought so hard for a promotion. But your salary grows slower than inflation” 
You rose in your career, upgraded your house, but you got heavier burdens.
The real issue? If you’re not allowing money to work for you, you have a knowledge gap.

Join our Free 2.5 hour Workshop where we’ll reveal the “Property Stacking Method”

Join our Free 2.5 hour Workshop
where we’ll reveal the “Property Stacking Method”

Conducted by Germaine

Learn Germaine’s Property Stack and how it got her 15 properties in 6 years

Do you feel stuck as a…

Office hard worker – Can you keep up with inflation by simply saving? When are you able to retire?

HDB saver

You’re stuck in one HDB/Residential home, unable to invest in multiple properties. The only way to have enough money when you retire is downgrading…


You’ll pay and pay and land in massive debt. You’ll keep climbing but there’s no end

Corporate Ladder Climber​

You work harder, for a higher salary. But you’re stuck with more work, and your savings cannot keep up with inflation.

Dear Investor

I’m Germaine
and I started my journey from $447k HDB to a $14.7M portfolio, all within 6 years

1 to 15 properties

The funny thing is, it was never meant for investment and it was a place we could call home where we could raise our kids.

One day, I decided to explore owning another property but I quickly realised there was no way of getting around the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

That’s when I discovered investment properties in Singapore (without having to pay ABSD) and realised there was so much more I could do differently.

Fast forward today, we’re proud to be the main presenting sponsor of one of the most successful movie franchise in Asia, Money No Enough 3, advocating the importance of
financial literacy through this platform.

My Roadmap from
$447k HDB to $14.7M using the

Properties Stacking method​



In an

alternate universe,

had I not close up my knowledge gap, I'd still be stuck in my property journey...

there’s really Nothing Wrong with making ends meet... But What if you have a better way to live a life you & your family deserves

3 Things You'll Discover During The ‘Property Stacking’ Workshop...

2.5 Hour Workshop Reveals How to:

Build your first pot of gold and property stack your way to a comfortable retirement

Your first pot of gold does not need to be time-consuming and hard. You will learn how you can accelerate your journey to build your compounded property portfolio

Use a single down payment to own multiple properties

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to save up for a down payment for each property. I’ll show you how the rich own many properties with just 1 down payment… and how you can too!

Generate cash flow income to pay for the lifestyle you deserve

Invest in the right properties & have your investments work hard for you so you can enjoy a lifestyle for you and your family

i show you exactly how I did it...

Learn Germaine’s Property Stack and how it got her 15 properties in 6 years