Want to be A Million Dollar Property Investor?

You Need To Possess A Million Dollar

What is Success Mind?

The common mistake many property investors make is they think to succeed, it’s all just about investing skills and hot deals.

But none of these matter if you don’t possess a wealth mindset or the ability to take decisive action – because you won’t execute no matter how attractive the opportunity.

In ONE day, we will help you reprogram your thinking so you give yourself permission to succeed and finally take the action you need to make the millions you want.

Is Success Mind for me?

Success Mind is for investors, entrepreneurs and working professionals who are looking to break out of their limitations – be it in work or portfolio. It is for anyone who wants to be a millionaire, not just in their portfolio but mindset.


Experience the transformation journey that thousands of our graduates have gone through to get to owning their first investment property and more.

Have a breakthrough in your limitations and portfolio so you can overcome the challenges and take your life and portfolio to the next level.

Bring everything you have learnt together and put them into action so you can achieve your financial goals and create the life you want for yourself and your family.

Here are the key takeaways you’ll get from Success Mind:

PSST… Here’s a little secret.

Many people do not know… but all of our founders are entrepreneurs in their own rights.

Shawn & Germaine owned their own business, Benny is an established speaker and marketer, while Ivan runs his family business.

So how did four people on such disparate paths running their own businesses come together?

All of them embarked on a journey of mindset growth, challenge and discovery…

That’s how all four of them ended up in a program in Malaysia where they met. Imagine the weird ways of the universe for four Singaporeans to meet overseas and form deep kinships and relationships.

This was essentially what gave birth to the idea of I Quadrant.

It was never just skillset but starting from a level of mindset development. And this is really what BIGS would love to pass on to the community – a gift of re-wiring yourself and creating potentials like these in a 1 day experience.

In ONE Day, We Will Guide You To Elevate Your Thinking And Install That Million Dollar Thinking Into Your Mind!

20 Aug 2022 - SATURDAY



Slots are very limited so we want you to come down, turn up and show up.

We are only charging $47 (plus GST) to reserve your seat, which is just the cost to cover the event location and the meal provided during the event.

We want 100% committed and pure attendance!

This is a live event that is going to be happening at Suntec City!

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